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Microdermabrasion at the Maryland Plastic Surgery Medical Spa...

Microdermabrasion is a safe, progressive approach to skin care that was developed in Italy in 1987 and received FDA approval for use in the United States in 1996. Dr. Adam Summers has evaluated more than 10 different microdermabrasion machines and techniques and the results of his evaluation has been published. In our Medical Spa at the Maryland Plastic Surgery Center, our skin care specialists use a specially designed handpiece (selected by Dr. Summers as the best microdermabrasion technique available) to simultaneously apply a dimond burr abrasive and negative pressure (vacuum). As the abrasive contacts the skin, a thin layer of dead skin cells is removed from the surface of the skin. The handpiece removes both the dead skin and any residual particles. The procedure exfoliates dry, dull skin, while stimulating circulation and collagen production.

Each microdermabrasion treatment removes one to two layers of dead skin cells, depending on the condition that is being treated.  The depth of treatment is controlled through the amount of vacuum, degree of abrasion and the number of passes.  Since each microdermabrasion treatment is customized, patients can be treated to obtain specific results at their own comfort levels.  Patients typically leave with a smooth, refreshed appearance.

In the comfort of the Maryland Plastic Surgery Center Medical Spa, Dr. Adam Summers personally performs more aggressive microdermabrasion procedures to effectively treat raised scars, depressed scars, and pigmentation disorders.  In this case, patients may experience several days of healing as new, fresh skin grows into the area.

Treatable Skin Conditions:

The following skin conditions may be improved with microdermabrasion treatments at the Maryland Plastic Surgery Center Medical Spa:

Visible Aging Inflammatory Conditions Skin Trauma


Fine Lines

Age Spots

Sun Spots

Uneven Pigmentation


Clogged Pores

Enlarged Pores


Stretch Marks


It is important to avoid excess sun exposure for one week prior to a microdermabrasion treatment - sunburned skin will not be treated.  All makeup products will be removed prior to the treatment.  For maximal comfort, men should shave 1-2 hours prior to the microdermabrasion treatment.  Do not perform any home peel, exfoliation scrub, or acid application (e.g. glycolic acid, salysilic acid, lactic acid) for 48 hours prior to the microdermabrasion treatment.  Patients with ethnic skin who require aggressive treatments may be started on a skin lightening cream one month prior to the procedure to reduce inflammatory hyperpigmentation responses.


Some redness is expected after a microdermabrasion treatment - this should dissipate within an hour of the treatment.  Frequent use of a soap-free cleanser and a non-comedeogenic moisturizer is recommended.  New acne flare-ups may occur after the first treatment or so...if they don't resolve within 24 hours they should be evaluated for treatment. If bruising is present, use of cool packs (e.g. bags of frozen peas or equivalent) can be helpful - if this occurs, be sure to inform us prior to your next microdermabrasion treatment.

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