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Laser, IPL & Fotofacial at the Maryland Plastic Surgery Medical Spa

At the Maryland Plastic Surgery Center, we specialize in cosmetic procedures that provide immediate results - enabling you to return to your busy lifestyle the same day.


Wrinkle Reduction
Laser surgery is considered to be a safe and effective option for a variety of cosmetic needs, since discomfort and recovery time are minimized. Most laser procedures are completed within minutes, allowing patients to return to normal activities the same day.


Hair Removal
Laser energy is absorbed by a specific target such as a hair follicle, spider vein or skin wrinkle. The laser is extremely precise and only the skin that needs treatment will be affected. In some cases, a numbing agent may be used on the treated area. In most cases, there is no downtime and patients can immediately return to normal activities. Occasionally, the skin may be slightly red and tender after treatment, but this minor reaction soon dissipates.


Skin Tightening
The Maryland Plastic Surgery Center was the first MediSpa to offer both Titan and Thermage procedures for face and body skin treatments.  We have successfully tightened loose skin of the face, neck, abdomen, arms and knees without surgery.


Spider Veins
Spider veins, or telangiectasias, are those tiny purple and red blood vessels found most commonly on the thighs or lower legs of women. They are hereditary and can form anywhere on the leg, from the top of the thigh to the ankle. Occasionally, spider veins appear on the face.  Lasers can be used to remove these veins, usually with just one treatment.


Acne Scars
Acne comes in the form of pimples, blackheads, whiteheads and clogged pores. It can be any combination of these and usually is. It is an inflammatory skin disease which affects the pores of the face, chest, back, arms and legs and the oil glands attached to them. Laser treatments can eliminate active acne and shrink acne scars.

Maryland cosmetic surgeon Dr. Adam Summers has helped many Maryland breast augmentation, breast lift, liposuction, rhinoplasty, facelift and tummy tuck patients achieve beautiful and natural results.