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Despite dieting and exercise, you still have wrinkles, bulges and sagging skin.  Well, now there is a better way to get the smoother, more supple appearance you desire.

Forget painful, expensive surgeries. Avoid stressful, drawn-out recovery periods... Now you can target any area that you’d like to improve with the Accent-XL, a pain-free, noninvasive treatment that literally works wonders.

The Accent-XL is a radio frequency (RF) therapy device that is highly effective at treating loose skin, cellulite and unwanted fatty deposits. It works in three ways. First, it heats underneath the skin causing fat cells to shrink. Secondly, it improves circulation to the area. And third, it stimulates collagen production which makes the area look smoother.


Accent-XL treatments can create dramatic change in the appearance of loose skin and cellulite without any downtime. And long lasting results can be obtained in just a few quick treatments.  Unlike other cellulite and skin tightening technologies, improvements can be seen immediately after each treatment session.


Dual Layer Healing is Better

One of the reasons it is so effective is that the Accent-XL is the only system on the market that combines two types of radio frequency technology. Dual radio frequency technology is unique in that it provides controlled tissue heating to two separate depths of tissue. Simultaneous cooling is applied to make treatment more comfortable and protect the skin.

Targeted heat therapy is the only treatment of its kind to use this “dual layer” approach. The process uses cutting-edge radio frequency technology to heat the different skin layers and stimulate your body’s natural healing processes. In many cases, patients notice results immediately after each treatment.

Over time and with subsequent treatments, new collagen will develop. After five to ten treatments at two week intervals, your results will be astonishing.

accent tummy tuck


Skin Tightening & Body Shaping Technology

Non-surgical skin tightening and body shaping with the Accent-XL allows you to sculpt a new figure using noninvasive techniques that are comfortable, quick and virtually pain free.  This is the best way to improve the look of wrinkled, bulging, or sagging skin without liposuction or another surgical procedure.

And no surgery means no incisions, no stitches, no anesthesia, and no recovery time! In fact, you can go back to work or other social activities immediately after your treatment.


Targeted Areas for Dramatic Results

Targeted treatments improve loose, wrinkled, or dimpled skin anywhere on your face or body.  Perhaps you have loose skin or residual fat after surgery or having a baby -- in this case, targeted treatments can be the perfect solution.  Flatten your stomach. Slim your hips and thighs. Tone your upper arms. Even tighten the skin on your face and neck. The safe, delicate procedure is effective on all of your stubborn areas. 

Accent skin tightening cellulite reduction

 Powerful, Yet Pain Free

Perhaps the most welcomed advantage that non-surgical skin tightening and body shaping offers you is noticeable results without discomfort. In fact, many patients describe the sensation as a “warm massage”.

In order to achieve optimal results, we have developed protocols for the Accent-XL that enable the simultaneous elimination of unwanted fat and shrinkage of loose skin. Our protocols have produced fantastic facial contouring and skin tightening effects.

accent neck lift


Heat Therapy at the Cellular Level

Non-surgical skin tightening and body shaping works at the cellular level to melt unwanted fat, reorganize existing collagen to smooth skin, and produce new collagen to thicken and tighten skin.

During each treatment session, the heat therapy increases blood circulation and shrinks connective tissue.  Quickly, your skin will show a dramatic improvement in contour and texture. This results in a toned, firm look that will erase years from your appearance. And the results of these treatments can provide long-term results.

A series of five to ten treatments every other week are required to see optimal benefits.

However, because it takes time for your body to fully respond to each Accent-XL treatment, final skin tightening results may not be fully appreciated until 6-12 months following your last treatment.


FDA Approved and Patient Recommended

Accent-XL skin tightening and body shaping procedures are safe, approved by the Food and Drug Administration, and are routinely used to improve the lives of thousands of patients worldwide. There is an extremely low risk of side effects.


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